Always Dakota, by Debbie Macomber
Dakota Home (©2000)

This is the third book in the Dakota Trilogy.
by Debbie Macomber

Local rancher Margaret Clemens is taking a chance on happiness, and going after what she wants for a change. And what she wants is marriage to cowboy, Matt Eilers. Regardless of what her friends and family say, and despite all the rumors, Margaret wants Matt anyway. Oh . . . and she plans on having his baby, too.
      Please join me for my third -- and final -- visit to Buffalo Valley, North Dakota. This town exists only in my imagination, but its spirit and sense of community are definitely real. Buffalo Valley resenbles many places in my family's history, and perhaps in yours. If you've been to Buffalo Valley before, I invite you to come and visit the friends you've met their; if not, prepare to make some new ones.
      Buffalo Valley, North Dakota, has become a good place

to live -- the way it used to be, thirty or fourty years ago. People here are feeling confident about the future again.
      Stalled lives are moving forward. People are taking risks -- on new ventures and on lifelong dreams. On Happiness. And one of those people is local rancher Margaret Clemens, who's finally getting what she wants most. Marriage to cowboy Matt Eilers. Her friends dont think Matt's such a bargain; neither did her father. But Margaret's aware of Matt's reputation and his flaws. She wants him anyway. And she wants his baby . . .