Calder Pride by Janet Dailey
Calder Pride (©2007)

by Janet Dailey

After four novels, Dailey ended one of her most successful series, about the Calder family of Montana, but fans wrote begging her to write a fifth book. After 15 years, she obliged them. "The Calders hold a special place in my heart. As soon as I picked up my was as if I had never left," she said.
      The Calder family members -- who comprise an all-American clan of Irish, English, and American Indian ancestry -- are proud, headstrong, and intelligent. From their vast Montana ranch, the Triple C, they run the Calder Cattle Company.
      Beautiful Cat Calder, female scion of the powerful clan, suffers a devastating blow when her fiancÚ is accidentally killed. She retreats to the Calder homestead to mourn and vows that she will never give her heart to another man. All that changes one night when she has a liaison with a gray-eyed stranger who subsequently disappears. Cat is pregnant with a baby boy she chooses to raise on her own, as a Calder.

      In a twist of fate, a handsome new sheriff with striking gray eyes arrives in town. Torn between her promise to her first love and her powerful feelings for her child's father, Cat must decide whether to take on love.