Christmas Wishes, by Debbie Macomber
Christmas Wishes (©2007)

Christmas Letters—2006 &
Rainy Day Kisses—1990
By Debbie Macomber

Christmas Letters: Katherine O'Connor (known as K.O.) adores her five-year-old twin nieces—and strongly objects to her sister's plans to dispense with Christmas. Zelda is following the theories of child psychologist Wynn Jeffries, author of The Free Child (and, as it happens, K.O.'s neighbor). K.O. is particularly horrified by his edict to "bury Santa under the sleigh," and she's out to prove that Wynn and his ideas are full of ...snow. He's not going to ruin her nieces' Christmas! Too bad the guy's so darned attractive....
      Rainy Day Kisses: Seventeen years ago Susannah Simmons was a career girl who knew nothing about babies. But after babysitting her infant niece, Michelle, Susannah learned that one determined—and screaming—baby can make the corporate world look like...child's play. Thank goodness for her

charming neighbor Nate Townsend. Now he's her charming husband, and Susannah's a mother as well as an aunt. And every Christmas Eve, Michelle tells her cousins how their mom met their dad—a story in which she plays a starring role!