Compelled by Wes Lloyd
All About Justice(©)2009

by Wes Lloyd

Are you sick of violent crime? Had enough of the rights of the criminal and not of the victim? Want a fresh, unpredictable, and unheard of adventure? Then check out this unbelievable, controversial approach to ending murder. A group of ordinary families takes extraordinary measures for justice. They get vengeance for lost children as a sidebar to forceably overhauling the U.S. justice system. Their broad scale deadly means command the attention of the highest office in the land as they deliver justice to victims of hundreds of murderers in one evening. The American public is shocked, yet infinitely compelled to support them when violent crime nationwide falls 70 percent in a week. If demands for specific changes to the law are not met and met soon, more prisons will fall violently and justice will be served regardless!