Crisis, by Robin Cook
Crisis (© 2006)

by Robin Cook

A partner in an exclusive concierge medical practice, Dr. Craig Bowman has reached an impressive level of success. But this idyllic situation comes to a grinding halt when he's served with a summons for medical negligence— and things get much, much worse.
     Enter Dr. Jack Stapleton, a medical examiner in New York City and Craig's brother-in-law, who agrees to travel to Boston to offer his forensic services and expert-witness experience to Craig's beleaguered defence attorney. But when Jack's irreverent suggestion to exhume the corpse, and thereby disprove the alleged malpractice, is taken seriously, he opens a Pandora's box. As Craig's life and career are put on the line, Jack is on the verge of making a most unwelcome discovery, of tremendous legal and medical significance—and there are people who will do anything to keep him from learning the truth.
     This is one that you won't be able to put down.