Dead Canaries Don't Sing by Cynthia Baxter
Dead Canaries (©2004)

by Cynthia Baxter

The sun is barely up and the day is already going to the dogs. Literally. As Dr. Jessica Popper embarks on a horse call to a local horse farm, her one-eyed Dalmation, Lou, and her tailless Westie, Max, stumble upon something unexpected: a corpse half buried in the woods. As Max happily digs up the dead canary planted near the body, Jessie realizes that this corpse was clearly about to sing. But about what? Or whom?
      Enlisting the aid of her on-again, off-again lover, PI Nick Burby, Jess applies the stubbornness of a bloodhound and the agile moves of a cat to identify a menagerie of suspects... including one who wants her off the case badly enough to kill agian.