Dear Emily by Fern Michaels

Dear Emily (©1995)

by Fern Michaels

Chin up, Emily Thorn faces the pain and heart ache of love lost and years wasted. At forty, all she has to show for twenty years of marriage is a Federal Express letter from her doctor husband that begins, "Dear Emily" —and ends their life together. She had put her own life on hold to pay Ian's way through medical school. She believed him when he told her that one day she'd have everything she ever wanted—children, an education, a career of her own. What she got was overweight, out of shape—and dumped.

Emily needs to reclaim her life. Slimming down and starting up a chain of fitness centers, she in soon skyrocketing towards entrepreneurial success ... and into relationships with two

exciting new men. One is kind and compassionate, the other unpredictable and alarmingly sensual. Now, to keep her hard-won independence and balance it with a truly fulfilling love, all she has to do is choose the right one...