Gaits of Heaven, by Susan Conant
Gaits of Heaven (©2006)

by Susan Conant

Poor Dolfo. It wasn't the golden Aussie huskapoo's fault that he wasn't housebroken. Blame it on his owners, Ted and Eumie [You Me], a New Age couple who couldn't bring themselves to restrain a don's free spirit with collars, leashes, or obedience training. Leave that to Holly Winter, who's been enlisted to do it for them. Now, she's just one of a pack of psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmacologists, and alternative healers who medicate the dysfunctional pair, soothe their trouble children, and placate their bitter ex-spouses.

Unfortunately, Eumie's "trauma history" gets the best of her when she succumbs to an accidental overdose of mixed meds. Her daughter, Caprice, a human stray who knows the dirty little secrets of both sides of the family, is convinced it was murder. So is Holly. But who hated — or feared — Eumie enough to have her put down? It's up to Holly to find a killer, sort out the motives and mysteries of the shady brood, and get back to giving Dolfo the attention he deserves...

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