Goodbye Neverland cover
Goodbye Neverland
(© 2011)

by Sharon Potts
Kindle eBook

If you’ve ever been a mom, or a daughter, or a wife…sometimes you just feel like flapping your wings and saying goodbye to Neverland. (Don’t ya?) Wendy Wright, a stay-at-home mom, has a fairy-tale existence with three terrific teenage kids, a handsome husband, and a comfortable upscale lifestyle. She’s even won second place in the ‘Warmest Hearth in Our Hometown’ competition and makes a killer chili. But Wendy worries about finding fulfillment “after the kids have gone off to college” and decides it’s time to step off the ‘Mommy Track’ and venture out of Neverland. Despite her family’s misgivings, she takes a temp job that’s well beneath her abilities as a one-time successful MBA. But before long, hyper-competent Wendy is practically running things at the poorly managed
company. Unfortunately, things aren’t so great at home. The kids are getting into trouble, Wendy’s widowed father has come to live with them, and her husband has lost his job and dignity in his own mid-life crisis.
      Wendy feels the crush of the sandwich generation as she tries to juggle work, family and a marriage that’s fast unraveling. But Wendy’s not about to give up on her family, the company…or herself. Goodbye Neverland will make you laugh and cry. But mostly you’ll be standing up and cheering for the moms of the world.
348 pages 1-didn't like, 2-OK, 3-I liked it, 4-really liked it, 5-amazing $3.99