The Last Templar, by Raymond Khoury
The Last Templar ©2006

by Raymond Khoury

In 1291, a young Templar Knight flees the fallen Holy Land, setting out to sea with a mysterious chest entrusted to him by the Order's dying grand master. The ship vanishes without a trace.

In present-day Manhattan, four masked horsemen dressed as Templar Knights stage a bloody raid on the Metropolitan Museum of Art during an exhibit of Vatican treasures. Emerging with a strange geared device, they disappear into the night.

The investigation that follows draws an archaelogolist and an FBI agent into the dark, hidden history of the crusading knights — and into a deadly game of cat and mouse with ruthless killers — as they race across three continents to revover the lost secret of the Templars.

This is definitely one for the Dan Brown fans out there.