Oklahoma (©1989)

by Dana Fuller Ross (aka Noel Bertram Gerson)

Wagons West

Rifles blazing and tempers flaring, homesteaders and ranchers are headed toward a deadly range war in rugged Oklahoma Territory. Frontier towns bustle with settlers and gunslingers; ranch land becomes the liar of bushwackers and renegades. It's land that needs men with strong hands and a steady eye—brave men willing to be peacemakers backed by only their courage and their Colt .44.
      Oklahoma! This harsh, open country beckons like a treacherous woman, offering happiness to farmers and ranchers, then breaking their hearts. Tick fever is killing the cattle; the unscrupulous land dealers are stealing familier' dreams. Now hate and anger are building like a thunderhead

ready to burst into a storm of gunplay and death. The threat is range war. The solution is Toby Holt—son of the legendary wagonmaster Whip Holt—whose draw is quicker and whose aim is surer than that of any may alive. But while Toby rides the dusty trail toward Oklahoma, young Captain Henry Blake rides hell-bent toward a shootout in the Dakotas, not knowing that an enemy plans to destroy the beautiful woman he left behing...as the showdown season nears in magnificent Oklahoma!