People of the Fire, by Kathleen & Michael Gear
People Of The Fire (©1991)

by Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear

It is a time of fire. In a drought-stricken and unforgiving land, a small band of men and women struggle valiantly to keep their ancestors' dreams alive.
      Little Dancer - The young dreamer whose awesome powers would change the course of history.
      White Calf - The ancient medicine woman who taught Little Dancer how to harness his dreams.
      Elk Charm - The beautiful maiden who won Little Dancer's heart, but feared she would lose him to his destiny.
      Heavy Beaver - The false dreamer who brutalized his people in his unquenchable thirst for power.
      Two Smokes - The outcast tormented by forbidden love; his gentleness concealed an inner strength.
      Tanager - The young woman warrior whose courage defended a dreamer's vision.
"Filled with tragedy and triumph, courage and conflict, this epic novel is "a compelling recreation of a time before history when man and nature were linked."