People of the Lightening, by Kathleen & Michael Gear
People Of The Lightening (©1995)

by Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear

People of the Lightening takes us into ancient Florida, to a village of fisher folk who must face their deepest fear; Pondwader, the White Lightening Boy, the first of his kind to be born in tens of tens of summers. His white hair, pink eyes, and pale skin make him fearsome enough, but prophecy foretells that a Lightening Boy is destined to make Sister Moon bury her face in the clouds and weep falling stars—and unleash the winds of destruction.
      Fearing their ultimate demise, the folk manage to trade him off in marriage to Musselwhite, a woman warrior who knows nothing of the prophecy. But when Pondwader is kidnapped, she must face an ages-old enemy who has always been determined to destroy her. But what is truly in store now that this Lightening Boy is hearing the voices in the wind, telling him of his role in the coming horror?