People of the Weeping Eye, by Kathleen & Michael Gear
People Of The Weeping Eye (©2008)

by Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear

The Mississippian chiefdoms of 13th-century North America rule the latest Forgotten Past novel from the Gears (People of the Wolf, etc.). Split Sky City is the cultural and political center of a region ruled by the Chief Clan of the Sky Hand tribe—who in turn rule over several subjugated tribes. When the Chahta, of White Arrow Town, dare to resist the Sky Hand—retribution, led by sadistic Smoke Shield, is swift and vicious. As the political climate grows hotter, the fate of the entire region may rest on three wanderers with mysterious pasts: Old White, aka the Seeker, who has wandered from one end of the known world to the other; Trader, a traveling merchant who guards his past as an exiled head of the Chief Clan; and Two Petals, a young woman who, as a Contrary, is magically and spiritually powerful, but is almost incomprehensible to normal people. The three know they are fated to change things irrevocably at Split Sky City, but first they have to get there. Fastidious attention to detail—in politics, military strategy, trade, dress and characterization—make for a fascinating ride.