Quite A Ride by Anthony Horowitz

Quite A Ride (©)2010

eBook by Anthony Horowitz

Just a few months into his new life as Britainís top superspy, Alex Rider is in need of some serious r&r. But what should have been a fun, relaxing vacation on the south of France turns deadly. Alex will need to use all of his training to get out of this tight spot, because thereís more than just his life at stake in this nail-biting story.
      Reader's review: Posted April 17, 2010, 9:25 PM EST: How disappointing. Only 14 pages and not really much of a story. This could have been an excerpt from a chapter within any one of the Alex Rider books. I love the stories and was hoping for more. This wasn't worth the time.

     This proves that you get what you pay for. The price was $1.99.