Texas Fury by Fern Michaels
Texas Fury (©1989)

by Fern Michaels

For Amelia Coleman Assante, the last surviving child of a legendary tycoon, it is a time of transition. As her familyís kingdom faces new challenges on the horizon, she starts a fateful journey that recalls a troubled past controlled by a fatherís iron will. After years alone, when Amelia thought that she was beyond heartache, Cary Assante swept into her life, wiping away the shadows of tragedy with a young manís fierce passion.
      Together they built a billion-dollar dream. But now her husbandís success may be the beginning of the end of their fragile marriage. While Amelia finds herself in danger of losing her beloved Cary to the temptations of another woman, she carries her own damning secret Ė with consequences that will reverberate across an empire, leaving her family to pick up the pieces of a shattered legacy.