That Summer Place
That Summer Place (©1998)

Old Things by Jill Barnett
Private Paradise by
Debbie Macomber
Island Time by Susan Wiggs

It's nothing special on the surface, merely a rambling old Victorian summerhouse on a secluded island, where the sky is blue and the water is clear. Yet after a month at the Rainshadow Lodge, people begin to change—and fall in love. How else can you account for what happens to the most mismatched, unlikely couples?
      There's Beth, who's stuck, sharing the lodge with a complete stranger—and a difficult one at that. And Mitch, a workaholic on a deadline who has to depend on free-spirited Rosie, who functions on "island time." Not to mention Catherine, who's falling in love with Michael, the lodge's handyman—for the second time!
      "An anthology that all of us who ever experienced summer love will want to add to our keeper shelves."