Uther, by Jack Whyte
Uther (©2001)

The Camulod Chronicles, Book 7
by Jack Whyte

Uther Pendragon was born one of the Eagles' Brood, the grandson of Publius Varrus and Luceiia Britannicus and cousin to Merlyn Britannicus. The two men are closer than any two brothers could be, and yet they are as different as fire and air. As a young man, Uther has known instinctively that command in Camulod was for Merlyn and that he, as a Pendragon, belonged among his father's people, in the mountain kingdom ruled by his ancestors but fortified with as many of the advantages of Camulodian technology as he could use. He is more Celt than Roman, and in his heart he knows that he is a hybrid product of two races and two traditions...and this internal conflict will tear at Uther throughout his life."