What Matters Most
What Matters Most (©2007)

by Luanne Rice

That's the opportunity facing two unforgettable couples, linked by a shared history, separated by decisions made long ago in the deeply felt novel by New York Times sestselling author Luanne Rice. For bernadette and Tom it is a return to thier roots in Ireland and a love that broke every rule and could have withstood any consequence—but the one that broke their hearts. For James and Kathleen, whose indelible bond was forged in a Dublin orphanage before one was adopted and carried across the sea to America, it's a reunion they could never see coming, even if they dreamed of it all their young lives. From the Emerald Isle to the Connecticut shore, four lives are about to come together in a confrontation that will challenge each of them to leave behind the past and all they once thought was important and embrace at least what matters most.