Written On The Wind Cover
Written On The Wind (©2005)

by Joyce Henderson

In 1860 Texas, following a raid on the Comanche, Ranger Matthew Conway rescues a white woman who he assumes was their prisoner. Instead the problem with his freeing her is that White Fawn thinks she is an Indian having lived amongst the tribe for years as they adopted her when she was a young child. She has vague memories before the tribal assimilation and just wants to return to her people.
      On the other hand Matthew does not see the Comanche in the same light as White Fawn does; He stereotypes everyone as a savage who killed his parents and turned him into a Texas Ranger seeking retribution. Even before the raid Matthew was already planning to retire and work his ranch, he wants to do the right thing with his guest, but is unsure of what that is as she demands to only go home. As he ponders his choices, they fall in love, but they have no future together unless he can let go of the past and take several giant steps into her world.

      WRITTEN ON THE WIND is a gender switching of Joyce Henderson's delightful WALKS IN SHADOW. The key to the tale is that the conflict between the lead couple is caused by their differing cultures especially how each looks at her adopted Comanche way of life. As they struggle with their deepest feelings, each begins to walk in the moccasins of the other in an effort to find commonality in how they have lived. Western romance readers will appreciate this strong Texas tale that enables readers to vividly see the Comanche lifestyle at a time when hostilities and the Civil War is about to begin.