Introduction to Access Help System
These help files were written for the Mission Granbury staff who use the Access Members application. Some topics are of general interest about using Access, and others are specific to this application.

For some general tips on using the Microsoft Access Database manager look under the General topics on the memu to the left. While those pages linked under M.G. Members App. were written specifically for the users of a Mission Granbury custom application, the general Access user can gain insights by reading those pages as well.

To use the menu just slide your cursor down the list and click an item of interest. Where there are pop-outs, slide the cursor carefully to the right, then down that list. The pop-out disappears if the cursor leaves the list.

New Microsoft Access users may want to review the video tutorials at by David Rivers. This site offers a collection of tutorials, and allows you to select your version of Access and the topic of interest.

Additional pages will be added to this collection from time to time.
Pat Tyler