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Donna Kauffman USA Today bestselling and award winning author DONNA KAUFFMAN has seen her books reviewed in venues ranging from Kirkus Reviews and Library Journal to Entertainment Weekly and Cosmopolitan. She lives just outside of DC in the lovely Virginia countryside, where she is presently keeping stock in all things flour, eggs & butter for her hands-on research for the Cupcake Club series. (So far she's been more Lucy than Martha in the kitchen!) To read all about her (mis)adventures in baking--and get some really great cupcake recipes while you're at it!--visit her at When she's not covered in powdered sugar or greeting the local firemen at her door (again) she loves to hear from readers! You can contact her through her regular Web site,
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Lee Charles Kelley
is a dog trainer, songwriter, voiceover actor, and bestselling mystery novelist* living in New York City. I've been using Natural Dog Training techniques since 1992. I write words and music, mostly for Sinatra-style songs and have a few minor songwriting credits (very minor, I'm afraid) including the libretto for a full-length musical comedy. I've been doing voice work since I was 17 (I'm now in my mid-50s) and still do radio commercials and TV voiceovers. I also write a series of dog mysteries featuring ex-NYPD detective turned dog trainer, Jack Field, and his smart and sexy ladylove, state medical examiner Dr. Jamie Cutter. My books are best described as a combination of murder mystery, romantic comedy, and dog training manual, all rolled up into one great read. *(My 4th novel, TWAS THE BITE BEFORE CHRISTMAS was a bestseller.) Link to his Web site.
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Alison Kent Alison Kent Like so many other authors, I was a voracious reader from day one, devouring everything from Nancy Drew to My Friend Flicka, which I remember sitting hovered over the heater vent in the kitchen floor to read while my father made his coffee.
      I moved on to my mother's Phyllis Whitney, Dorothy Eden, and Mary Stewart gothics before discovering my first true romances written by Lucy Walker and set in the Australian Outback. And then, at last, when I was 18 I found The Flame and the Flower. (My son almost spent his life as Brandon because of that, but I spared him and named him Casey instead!)
      Why write romance? Because love stories have always been a major part of the books I've loved. Father Ralph and Meggie Cleary. (I did name my daughter Megan after reading The Thorn Birds! Do you see a trend here?) The aforementioned Brandon Birmingham and Heather Simmons. Wolf Mackenzie and Mary Potter.
      Even more so, it's because I love writing romance heroes. The men who sweep both heroines and readers off their feet - not to mention their authors, too!
      I spent several years happily writing action-adventure romance for Kensington Brava, along with hot and sexy series romances for Harlequin Blaze. I was also a launch author for True Vows and one of the organizers behind SEAL of My Dreams. I'm now writing the Dalton Gang series of sexy cowboys for Berkley Heat, and the Hope Springs series of soft contemporary romances for Amazon Montlake.
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  • Second Chance Café ©2013
Kathleen Kent
Kathleen Kent From the time I was a child, I remember hearing about the lives of Martha Carrier and her family from my mother and grandmother. The remarkable stories they told about this singular, courageous woman were not recited as dry history lessons, of dates and events long past, but in the exciting way fairy tales are told. I listened with fascination to the stories of the witch trials and of the hysterical Salem girls who made malicious and unwarranted accusations against their own neighbors, mostly women and children.
      I was told about the 19 men and women hanged, who went to their deaths rather than confess and live. And about how my great-grandmother, back 9 generations, not only professed her innocence, but harshly admonised her judges not to listen to "these girls who are out of their wits." It was my mother who first told me that Cotton Mather, one of the greatest theologians of his days, named Martha Carrier "The Queen of Hell," not for her evil character, but because of her bold and assertive manner.
      Family gatherings were opportunities to relate stories of daily Carrier life which I incorporated into the narrative of the book to give the story an authentic feel of rural American life; of the cow that was fed pumpkins and gave golden milk, and of the Carrier children who practiced shooting objects off their heads with bow and arrows.
      But most importantly, it was conveyed to me in the strongest terms that these men and women were not witches—Devil sympathizers, or participants in rituals of dark magic—but rather brave and unfortunate victims of intolerance, superstition and greed. As my grandmother was fond of saying, with not a little pride, "Martha was not a witch. Merely a ferocious woman!"
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Raymond Khoury
Raymond Khoury moved to Rye, New York, from his native Lebanon at the outbreak of the civil war there in 1975. After graduating from Rye Country Day School, he returned to Lebanon to study architecture at the American University of Beirut. During his years there, in between repeated flare-ups of fighting, he illustrated several children's books for Oxford University Press's Middle East office. Khoury completed his degree just as the civil war erupted again, and was evacuated out from the city in February, 1984, by the Marine Corp's 22nd Amphibious Unit on board a Chinook helicopter.
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